About James Evans

I am an adventurer, backpacker, paddler, climber, former college teacher, published writer, leadership developer, nonprofit leader, marathon runner, wilderness wanderer, entrepreneur, mentor, follower of Jesus Christ, persistent husband and father, and an Eagle Scout.

Grateful and Humbled

2018 marked the 25th year of BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries. If there's one thing I've learned after 25 years, it's that opportunities to serve affect both staff and participants alike. Mike Gingras, a 3-year ministry event staff volunteer, and our current Board Chair, was impacted as much as he made an impact in 2018. In early September Mike traveled to [...]

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25 Years ~ March 15, 2018

I find myself a little overwhelmed. March 15, 1993 'it' began. When 'it' started, 'it' didn't have a name. Over the next year a name was determined, corporation papers submitted, excess medical coverage for participants obtained, nonprofit status applied for and gained. Why is BENCHMARK called BENCHMARK Adventure Ministries? It's not because I think we're the benchmark standard. Learn about [...]

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Start Again

December is time for personal evaluation. January is for fresh implementation. I'm not much for New Year's resolutions. I prefer regular evaluation and direction correction. January started well with a renewed commitment to personal, spiritual journaling. I began training as scheduled on December 26 for my 19th 26.2-mile marathon and that continued. Though I've been reading Philippians for years, I [...]

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Cannot be explained medically

For those who may not know, a BENCHMARK champion collapsed from a heart attack on February 15 while on training run for his first United States Marathon. First of all, for those on BENCHMARK's Prayer Team who have been praying..thank you. Really, thank you. I've been slow to send this update becasue, 1. I've been trying to catch up on [...]

Reflection, help to find the pearls of life

As a teacher I create active learning experiences. While I like adventure I like even more the pearls of life that can be found as a part of an adventure. Finding those pearls of life and learning from adventure, or any other part of life for that matter, doesn't just happen. I've often said, "As good Americans we move from [...]

16th Marathon, Still Learning from Doing

Much of my life of ministry revolves around learning from doing. It's something I'm practicing and still learning. More and more I understand how important it is. Doing and then learning from it is critical to growth. It's the idea of action / reflection. I've done some things but didn't well learn lessons I would have benefited from learning. I [...]


I plan to run another marathon this Saturday. Last year was my 15th Country Music Marathon here in Nashville, TN. It's the only marathon I've ran and am one of only 38 who has ran all fifteen.  Only ~8 people have ran the full each year. As my fellow 15-year runner and 16th year registrant Larry Epps puts it, "I [...]

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